Monday, February 8, 2016

Can beacons help FMCG brands drive sales

For long, CPG (consumer packaged goods) brands have been considered to be laggard at digital advertising in comparison to other product categories such as retail, financial services etc., However, of recent the consumer goods digital ad spending, including spending on mobile, outpaces that of the travel, consumer electronics and healthcare categories, reported eMarketer.
In fact, according to eMarketer’s report, “The U.S. CPG and Consumer Products Industry 2014: Digital Ad Spending Forecast and Trends,” digital spending of CPG brands is predicted to increase to $7 billion by 2018.
No doubt, CPG brands definitely stand to gain quite a bit from investing in digital. In fact in February 2014, Mark Clouse, the Chief Growth Officer of Mondelez International, the parent company to consumer brands like Oreo and Trident, said that compared to other channels, Mondelez, gets twice the ROI from digital marketing alone. Thus, with digital media playing such a crucial role in the success of these brands, it’s now high time that brands shift their focus from increasing brand awareness and recall to driving sales – both online and offline.
This is where beacons can come in handy. While retailers were among the early adopters of beacons, of recent, consumer packaged goods brands have started to leverage beacons in their efforts to engage with consumers when they are inside a retail location.
In this post we will discuss in detail how beacons can help CPG brands drive sales as well as engagement by connecting the online and offline worlds, along with a few successful beacon campaigns.

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Mobile commerce set to rise by 68% in 2016

Mobile commerce set to rise by 68% in 2016

The number of purchases made via mobile will rise by almost 70% this year, according to new research by Connexity. 
Other key findings include:
  • Nearly half (42%) of all online orders during Christmas 2016 may be made on a mobile device.
  • Up to a third (33%) of all online purchases will be made on a smartphone this year.
  • Purchases on tablets are expected to stagnate or slightly decline.

Monday, February 1, 2016

One in five expect more than 50% of overall spend to be via mobile

People are increasingly comfortable using their mobile to shop online, with almost three quarters (69%) now browsing or buying this way, a 10% increase since 2013, according to new figures from BuzzCity. 

The main reasons people choose to chop via mobile are the variety of products available (18%), the experience of discovery (16%) and the speed of delivery (14%).

Saturday, January 30, 2016

Technology Helps to Personalize at Scale

When it comes to personalization, marketers may still be stuck on the basics. However, many agree that technology is making it much more straightforward to personalize at scale, according to September 2015 research.

According to June 2015 data from the CMO Council, higher response and engagement rates are the No. 1 reason to using personalized content. Senior marketers worldwide also said that timely and relevant interactions, greater customer affinity and more persuasive communication were also leading benefits. 


Friday, January 29, 2016

Mastery of beacons, mpayments is crucial in 2016: Coca Cola Exec

A Coca-Cola executive at Mobile Marketer’s Mobile FirstLook: Strategy 2016 claimed brands that continue perfecting mobile-first advertising, location usage, payments and beacons will be noteworthy this year, with Coca-Cola leveraging all to perfect the art of storytelling on digital.

During the “Coca-Cola: Marketing in a Mobile World” session, the executive discussed the beverage marketer’s top 2015 mobile efforts, which included being part of the introduction of SmartLabel packaging on products, beacon rollouts in developing markets and NFC-enabled vending machines. He also advised other brands to develop strategies that include mobile advertising, beacons, location and payments as they ponder best practices for 2016, underscoring the wide opportunity for round-the-clock marketing on connected devices.“Those who are assembling those links and stringing them together are going to be making news,” said Tom Daly, global group director at The Coca-Cola Company. “You have to think about how physical assets augment your digital program.”

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