Monday, November 29, 2010


Understanding shopper behaviour is increasingly becoming the difference between success and failure in a rapidly changing world. In fact, companies who make this effort successfully, show a growth that is 25 – 50% more than their competitors in the same category (2008 Deloitte study).
But how do companies navigate this tricky landscape which probably has more variables than the best marketer can imagine? How does one deconstruct the mind of the shopper?
Unplanned Buying at Traditional Retail in India is a research study that tests the oft quoted and blindly followed ‘70% of all purchase decisions are made at the point of purchase’ tenet.
The report is based on a study of over 2500 shoppers across 200 traditional retail outlets in India. It conclusively proves that the 70% rule is not valid in this format in India. It draws out a number of findings that offer a better understanding of traditional retail in India and also explain why the incidence of unplanned buying is significantly different.
Not just a factual document, the study report goes on to interpret the implications of the insights and suggests a potential roadmap that can be followed. Special sections on Shopper Marketing at retail with a special focus on the Indian context offer a view on this rapidly emerging branch of marketing.
The report is useful for brands, retailers, agencies, designers and any other enthusiast of shopper behaviour who seek insights into this relatively unexplored field.

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