Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Tapping the Buying Power of Indonesia’s Young Professionals

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As with other developing countries, Indonesia’s economy is strong, and that development has propelled a growing middle class eager to spend.  In Indonesia, retailers and manufacturers should focus their attention on the nation’s young, married, urban-dwelling professionals, according to Yudi Suryanata, Executive Director, Consumer Research, Nielsen Indonesia, who spoke at the company’s Marketing & Media Presentation in Jakarta earlier this month.

“Yuppie couples are educated, well-employed and represent the next generation of Indonesia’s affluent consumers,” said Suryanata.  “But retailers and consumer products manufacturers need to know how to specifically appeal to them if they want a greater share of their Rupiah.”

So what exactly makes a “yuppie couple?” They are young – below 30 – and have university or higher education.  They reside in an apartment or a middle-up housing complex located in the city or suburbs.  They work as professionals, typically at the managerial level, in fields such as banking and finance, energy, consulting or marketing, and are focused on their careers.

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