Thursday, January 27, 2011

5 things that the Organized retailers can learn from Kirana and vice-versa

Here is a good and an insightful post that we came across at Retail Rise by Bhanu.
"It's a world of cut throat competition and more of often than not it results in a very narrow view of the world for most of the companies. As the objective is focused on beating the competitors, benchmarking studies starts replacing consumer studies. The situation worsen if your view of competition is limited to only company X or Y.

Talking about retail, why can't the retail biggies learn something from the Kirana format? In fact the stores that have learnt a few things(like Big Bazaar) are a lot more successful than the copy-paste versions of western formats.

Here are my views on this:

Things that Modern format stores need to learn from kirana stores:

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