Friday, January 28, 2011

Grocery shopping trends in US.

Example of an American grocery store aisle.Image via Wikipedia
There’s new consumer research that may dispel the oft-stated notion that people don’t like to shop for groceries. A new Nielsen report finds that the majority of U.S. consumers (53%) really enjoy or like grocery shopping and nearly one of every five of these consumers regularly browse the entire store when shopping.

Nearly four of every ten shoppers (38%) told Nielsen that they think grocery shopping is a chore, but not a difficult one. These consumers know which parts of the store have the items they want. Planning is key with a large percentage of U.S. households using shopping lists (58%), store circulars (47%) or coupons (37%) and comparing prices (50%) on most grocery store trips.

The research also found that about 30% of grocery items are purchased on deal, with deal rates up nearly 11% for high-income households, nearly 10% for middle-income households and 7% for low-income households.

Only 9% of consumers purchase from end-aisle displays on most grocery trips, and three-quarters of consumers never ask for assistance in the meat or produce department.


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