Thursday, January 27, 2011

New-Age Shopaholics turn to the Internet for Collective Bargains!

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ViziSense latest India centric data reveals that & are witnessing a huge ramp-up of users indicating a new-emerging pattern in online buying behavior.

ViziSense, India's leading online audience and ad measurement platform has revealed some interesting insights and trends around the dynamic online shopping habits of Indian consumers. The data reveals a sporadic growth in the number of shoppers who prefer new-age ecommerce formats during September. and have displayed great popularity over the past few months, attracting more than 10 lakh users each in September. With this surge in traffic, both these sites have quickly moved into the ViziSense top 200 Indian websites.

The consistent growth in traffic on these new e-commerce formats (collective buying, group discounts, private clubs) indicate consumer preference over conventional e-commerce juggernauts like ebay and amazon and the local ecommerce giant infibeam, which continue to show a consistent pattern of jumps and dips indicating seasonality and other related trends over the past few months.

Interestingly, these new sites have smartly gained considerable traction by leveraging the social media sites effectively. One can see these sites creating a great buzz on sites like Facebook and Orkut by way of unique campaigns or trial-inducing applications.

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