Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Consumers embracing digital technology on the high street, but to check for cheaper competitors.

A quarter of smartphone users have used a bar code scanning app while in store to see if they can get them cheaper elsewhere, showing that retailers are going to be forced into looking at how they differentiate their businesses for an increasingly mobile savvy in-store audience, finds the latest eCustomerServiceIndex (eCSI) results from eDigitalResearch and IMRG.

The study, published late last month, also suggests that shop floor staff are also starting to make more use of mobile technology – typically smartphones and tablets – to help consumers who aren’t packing a smartphone to check on stock levels and order out of stock items in store.

The report also reveals that 40% of people surveyed have given feedback digitally about a high street store after seeing a survey URL in a store or on a receipt – but of those people, 88% gave their feedback via a PC whereas only 7% use their smartphones to give immediate feedback: so its not all bad news then.

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