Monday, March 28, 2011

Enabling Social Shopping on AaramShop

Social shopping is the term best used to describe shopping when influenced by online social channels like Facebook, Twitter, blogs etc. The importance of social networks (online and offline) and their influence on buying behavior and brand choice is not lost on anyone.

At AaramShop, we have tried not merely to plug in social networks into our hybrid retail platform – rather we have wrapped the platform around the power of social networks – with the objective to make the virtual shopping experience – enriched by the reviews, feedback and recommendations of the shopper community at large.

AaramShop not only encourages sign-up via Facebook plug-ins, it also enables sharing of opinions and brand experiences not just on the platform but also with the shopper’s social network. AaramShop also rewards its shoppers with Aaram Badges that are based on reviews, opinions and actual purchases.

Shopper opinions, reviews and purchase behavior is what drives brand listing and it’s relative position within the product categories, ensuring that AaramShop is powered by social networks of shoppers.

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