Sunday, March 6, 2011

Key FMCG audiences from Microsoft Advertising

While FMCG online advertising covers a wide variety of audiences, perhaps the backbone audience is mums. Through their management of the family and home they are responsible for a broad range of FMCG purchases.

  • Microsoft Advertising research conducted in both the UK and France illustrated that the web helps mums in four key areas: keeping in touch, family organisation, personal fulfilment, and entertainment. Advertisers can use these findings to target specific digital solutions at mums, based on the different mindsets they adopt when engaged in these activities.

  • Faced with organising most aspects of family life, mums are increasingly dependent on the internet for information, advice, reassurance, idea generation, and transactions. Convenience, freedom from dragging reluctant children around shops - as well as time and money savings - all played a key role in the popularity of online purchases made by 78% of mums.

  • Money was managed online by 68%, while 94% turned to the web for information, ranging from advice on health and nutrition to planning days out and children’s entertainment. Marketing solutions and branded advice often played a key role in delivering this information.

  • The research in the UK stressed the central role that mums take in key household decisions, from organising finances to social events and holidays.

In the UK, 95% of those surveyed used email, compared with 90% for landline calls, 88% for text messages, and 85% for mobile phone calls. Social networking, instant messenger, and VoIP calls have started to emerge as vital tools for maintaining an emotional bond with both nearby and more distant contacts through mums’ changing circumstances.

While this research is Europe focussed over the years this has become the broadly universal case with increasing bandwidth and emergence of converged and connected devices. The same would be true for the upper crust of the society at large in the BRIC economies as well.

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