Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Social networks lead to social shopping.

The average time spend on social networks is increasing by the day - engagement with social networks is now the number 1 activity that folks do when online (higher than email). While this fact is very well understood by all marketers, they might be at a bit of a loss when it comes to leveraging the presence of their consumers on these networks. This is especially true for the FMCG marketers.

For a large number of brands the social media engagement gets limited to creation of brand specific Facebook pages and seeding conversations on the same. And while there are some brilliant examples of SM strategies being used by FMCG brands - the examples are few and far between. All you need to do is join some of the FMCG brand pages on Facebook to understand the staleness of the conversation / engagement.

While we are huge advocates of the need for every brand to have a comprehensive and dynamic SMM strategy, we believe that one critical reason for the lack of application beyond the enthusiasm by the brands today, is the concern around measurement of ROI.

AaramShop squarely addresses this concern by putting this as the key objective - that of transforming casual web browsing consumers into active brand buying customers.

To ensure that the consumer experience extents beyond "the purchase" into a social adventure with the brand at the center of it - AaramShop itself has been designed keeping the social networks at the heart of it. The shopper extents his buying engagement and his personal brand experience to his friends in his network every step of the way.

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