Sunday, April 10, 2011

Shopping does not need to be a lonely task.

Large format physical retail stores suffer from a very grave problem - there is total absence of personal communication. As a shopper who is servicing himself/herself you miss out on advice, suggestions, recommendations and much needed assurances which are made at the more "personal" stores which thrive on owner- shopper interactions.

Perhaps this is what leads to most shoppers seeking out a friend or two to go shopping so as to have the benefit of a 2nd opinion.

Virtual shopping can be a lonely affair unless the retail platform is designed to address the issue. At AaramShop, shopping has been designed to be a social process at every step of the way. As you shop you can read product and brand reviews of fellow shoppers and you could leave your own, not only on the platform but also on your personal social networking platform like your Facebook wall. You can also read reviews of the AaramShops to ensure that you chose the right AaramShop.

All brands and products are listed based on quality of shopper reviews and purchase behavior and the placement of products gets updated on a real-time basis powered by the shopper community.

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