Saturday, May 14, 2011

The Aaram Widgets will help close the loop.

A large quantum of digital marketing and advertising in the FMCG / CPG category undertaken today is effective in creating brand awareness and even desire, however are not able to close the loop. While brand owners spend a lot of time, effort and monies on creating websites, fan pages, online engagements like games, etc., they are unable to drive sales / complete the sales from the web – which leads to limited interest in the digital space. (this is different in other categories like durables where e-commerce addresses the concern)

AaramShop Brand Widgets will change this over time by enabling brand managers / owners to easily create and embed widgets into their digital assets like websites, facebook pages, web banners, etc to ensure that where ever the consumer is interested he can get the product delivered to himself/ herself with ease and at the time of his / her choosing.

Brand Widgets can be created by subscribers at the Brand Engagement Center.

Widgets are standardized visual element of a web page in the form of scroll bars, button, drop-down list, and text box or entry field. It represents a wider scope of information contained in a website. Widgets can be placed in your website such as blogs, business website, or to any profiles of social networking sites you are subscribed to.

Widgets help a website to be proactive and drive more traffic and our AaramShop Brand Widgets are designed to help address immediate interest of consumers in that brand.

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