Thursday, May 12, 2011

Five Key Steps to Mastering Mobile Marketing

It’s no surprise marketing with mobile devices in mind is a focus for Chief Marketing Officers now. In March, IDC reported that it expects the global market for smartphones to grow 49.2% in 2011, with over 450 million smartphones, up from 303.4 million shipped in 2010.

Also consider the growth of tablets. Up to 47.9 million tablet PC units are expected to be shipped this year, and 79.6 million next year, according to the latest J.P. Morgan forecasts. In all, this represents a $35 billion annual revenue opportunity, says the investment firm. And they are not all iPads. This dizzying array of new tablets including the BlackBerry PlayBook is causing a major disruption in the marketing department.

Compounding the problem, online transactions continue to grow at a rapid pace. Today, eight out of 10 consumers shop online at least twice a week. ABI Research estimates there will be 20 times more data and 40 times more mobile transactions by 2015. The report adds that mobile online shopping is expected to triple annually and rise to $119 billion in the same timeframe. Businesses today are struggling to find ways to create more contextual experiences to the right devices.

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