Monday, May 16, 2011

Introduction to the online FMCG market.

Soft drinks on shelves in a Woolworths superma...
FMCG marketing isn’t necessarily about an immediate purchase, either on or offline. It’s about getting your brand front-of-mind and setting yourself apart from the competition with a great product and even better advertising creative so that when they are on their shopping travels, it’s you they want to buy. In this sense, online is no different from traditional media – you can reach vast audiences and provide engaging executions that help you stand out from the crowd in a busy, fickle market. But what you can also achieve with online is interaction and talkability. Whether you’re promoting shampoo or fizzy drinks, nappies or mascara, with digital you can develop relationships with consumers, encourage brand loyalty and use the online community to build a buzz around your product and communications.

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