Friday, June 24, 2011

Grocery Ecommerce Solutions Taking Off According To Nielsen

When driving along you might occasionally see a truck that is delivering groceries to people at their homes. It’s a pretty simple system: users of these services order their items online, pay through an ecommerce solution, and have it all shipped to their homes. Last year consumers spent $12 billion buying groceries online. In 2014 it is expected to hit $25 billion.Some readers might remember online grocer “HomeGrocer,” the startup that pioneered the online grocery industry. Webvan later bought them out (that’s when some say they went downhill) and then ultimately out of business.

Other companies have been diving into the online grocery business and, by the numbers, things are looking pretty good. Safeway is doing it nationwide, Amazon’s “Amazon Fresh” has been roaming the Seattle streets delivering groceries, and even the giant Wal-Mart is delivering fresh foods in San Jose, CA.

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