Monday, June 27, 2011

Why Indian grocers' biggest worry isn't the Walmarts

Last year, Chandan, a 60-year-old grocery store on MG Road, Pune, was revamped. It wasn't just a face-lift. A new floor was added, walk-in aisles were widened and advertising spaces carved out in strategic spots.

The results were immediate. "My monthly sales surged by 30-35% to cross Rs 13 lakh," says Manish Chandan, the 42-year-old, third-generation owner of the store. But Chandan is not popping the champagne. Instead, he is rethinking his investment.

"Sometimes, I wonder if we would have earned higher returns by parking the money in a savings account," he says. Stumped? This is the paradox of tradition retail: growing steadily by 4% a year—there are 9.8 million stores in India now—yet not generating enough revenue to keep store owners happy.

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The article highlights a number of salient feature which have formed the backbone of the channel development of AaramShop.

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