Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Facebook Brand Pages Pay Off

A new six-country survey from DDB reveals that Facebook users who like a brand's page on the social networking site use its products regularly or occasionally and, after following the brand on Facebook, more than a third of the respondents "want to buy this brand's product more."

Brand page fans on Facebook also feel comfortable recommending the brand to friends, with 49 percent of the respondents saying they would "certainly" do so and 43 percent saying they "probably" would. Collectively, that's a whopping 92 percent who qualify as brand advocates -- a figure that staggered survey leader Catherine Lautier.

The survey found that ads are the primary driver to brand pages, followed by invitations from friends and Web searches (see graphic). And once there, fans expect more than downloadable coupons. Rather, they want to feel more like a VIP who can access exclusive content, information about new products and yes, promotional offers, before the general public can, DDB discovered.

Download the survey report here "Facebook and Brands" survey

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