Friday, July 15, 2011

Google’s Zero Moment of Truth – 7 Key Steps

The zero moment of truth is marked by online activity through search and reaching out to social networks to address the types of questions first-time buyers have (Will it work? What else do I need to know? Is this the best choice for me?).

ZMOT is a new concept and still evolving, however below 7 steps are the keys to taking better advantage of the ZMOT for a brand:

ZMOT #1 – Put someone in charge of the zero moment of truth.
ZMOT #2 – Find zero moments in your category.
ZMOT #3 – Answer the questions people are asking.
ZMOT #4 – Optimize your ZMOT.
ZMOT #5 – Be Fast.
ZMOT #6 – Don’t forget video.
ZMOT #7 – Jump In.

@AaramShop we understand the criticality of the ZMOT and the 1stMOT and we believe that the ideal solution in the CPG / FMCG marketing senario is where these two MOT are not viewed as two separate individual silos - but rather the 1stMOT should seamlessly fit into the ZMOT effort.

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