Thursday, July 21, 2011

GSK develops online store to boost insight and marketing

GlaxoSmithKline’s consumer healthcare division is looking to bolster its understanding of its customers’ online shopping habits and improve the marketing of its products with the launch of an online store some time back in the UK.

Data will be collected about the types of products bought together, what parts of the site customers use to make their purchases and what promotions are most attractive.

GSK will also present this data to its retail partners in order to advise them how to market, display and promote its products better.

This is very interesting move and the insights that GSK is looking forward to are on lines on what AaramShop aims at presenting to the various brands. The shoppers path of purchase is what we believe brands would gain immense insights from - especially aspects like what the the products brought prior, with and post the purchase. This will have an impact on how the brand engages with the shopper not just on platforms like AaramShop, but also in last mile of retail.

What is particularly going to be exciting is to view the insights along with shopper demographics. Look forward to more info from the GSK experiment.

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