Saturday, July 16, 2011

If you are not searchable, (on google). You won’t be found. (by your customers)

Power of SEO: Google

Its often said that if your site is not searchable on Google, then likelihood of your users coming to your site become quite less & that if your search results ranking is not high enough then the efforts are wasted.

Being found on Google for the products and services you offer is always top priority for brands. AaramShop has managed to build an infrastructure that enables a brand to do just do that. When grocery purchasers will be searching for their grocery items for research or prices then the likelihood of them coming to AaramShop are much much higher.

If you think that not enough people use the web for their grocery purchase research - you could be going on the wrong road. Read more about ZMOT on this site.

Look at the below example:

When consumers are searching for a popular cooking oil on Google then instead of the brands own official website comes on 3rd rank instead of top whereas its listings of brands on AaramShop.

See fig: 1

Similarly many other daily grocery products like “Revive Instant Starch Powder” , “Britannia Bar Cake Fruit”, “Bingo International Cream N Onion Potato Chips”, “Nescafe Classic Coffee”,” Womens Horlicks Chocolate” & many more shows AaramShop listing in Top positions.

The other significant difference is that on AaramShop the products / brands are ready for commerce and they are fully integrated into the hybrid retail platform so that the consumer can expect the product to be home delivered in a matter of hours by his neighborhood retailer (the AaramShop)

The optimization of products that get listed on AaramShop is part of the free services offered by AaramShop.

Watch this space for more such updates.

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