Friday, July 15, 2011

In Push for Digital Dollars, Look Beyond CPG's Big TV Budgets

By any measure, sales of consumer package goods represent an enormous industry -- convenience and club stores, supermarkets, supercenters and drug stores, macaroni, mouthwash, mustard and other daily necessities generate more than $1 trillion in annual sales.

So it's no surprise that, for years, the online-ad industry has eyed CPG giants' vast marketing budgets, knowing that shifting just a few percentage points of traditional-media spend would do wonders for its share.

But here's an idea: If the internet really wants to take a bigger slice of the CPG ad pie, it should look beyond the tens of billions of TV advertising and focus on where the real money is spent: the trade and consumer-promotion budgets.

At AaramShop this has been out clear objective and therefore AaramShop is a platform which enables incremental commerce from the existing channels which are supported by the vast amounts of CPG / FMCG brand advertising.

Read more of Gian Fulgoni's superb article here.

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