Saturday, July 2, 2011

The Mobile Moment of Truth – Why Mobile is Getting More Important to CPG Industry

“Moments of Truth” is probably one of the most well-known theories in CPG industry. Proposed and practiced worldwide by P&G, the “Moments of Truth” refers to an super customer-centric business mindsets.

Originally according to P&G, there are 2 moments of truth. The 1st moment of truth is when consumers choose your products over competitors products in the retail shops. The 2nd moment of truth is when consumers use the products. For a CPG brand, you have to win both moments of truth to win loyal customers and thus gain market shares. As the internet is emerging in the last decades, the information available on internet now largely affects consumer’s decision even before the 1st moment of truth. Google recently proposed the idea of the “0 moment of truth” – the moment when people make their decision are researching online like searching on Google and social recommending on Facebook.

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