Thursday, July 21, 2011

The New Social CMO

There has been a lot of bottom up change happening throughout marketing. One huge change that’s been felt at the lower levels and with only a few exceptions has permeated the C suite and that’s of skill-sets. Social media capabilities have been relegated to interns, contract labor and agencies. Very few CMO’s have had to get their hands dirty yet. But that’s starting to change.

In Ad Age there’s an article that summarizes some research by a head hunting firm, uh an executive search firm. Here are my key tweetable take-a-ways from the article:

  • The old “CPG academy” model is evolving to a “hybrid marketer.”
  • The emphasis is shifting toward customer insight and relationship building.
  • The CMO’s ability to drive measurable demand generation is critical and now more complex than ever.
  • Demand for hands-on/operational marketers who have the ability to move at a rapid pace & stay in front of the customers is rising.
  • The CMO must be seen as an authentic advocate for customers and, conversely, as a listening ear to customers who are advocates.

And my favorite point exceeds the 140 character tweet-limit but it’s the key IMO:

Digital-to-consumer continues to grow in importance across all customer demographics, so understanding how to forge both one-on-one and broader community ties with core consumers via digital media is critical.

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