Friday, July 8, 2011

QR Code integration opportunities for brands on AaramShop

QR = Quick Response.

Having said that, the implementation & integration of the QR Code technology for FMCG / CPG brands in most markets (including India) has been very limited and for good reason. Even if you were to get the consumer to use the QR code on the product pack or shelf - what do you do next? A customer's visit to the website for more product information, usage tips etc are great possibilities and should be exploited, however, sales has not been very high on the agenda.

Now AaramShop adds another dimension to what a brand owner can do with the simple QR code - your consumer can now order your specific product / brand and have it delivered within hours to his / her doorstep; and all this without any escalation in the costs.

Re-ordering of your product, just when your customer is about to run out of it has never been easier.
Added to this is the advantage of this integration being absolutely free of cost. Try it.
Most smart phone either already have a QR reader or the same can be downloaded free from any of the App centers or download from here;

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