Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The resurgence of QR codes

A giant QR Code linking to a website, to be re...I

What’s new about QR codes and why are they all of a sudden seeing a resurgence? QR codes are really quite simple, being that they are merely a barcode that can trigger a number of actions on your mobile phone. QR codes can be used to exchange contact information, launch a hyperlink, open an application, or even spawn a phone call. With a QR code ‘reader’ application, any phone, regardless of model, can be used to show Internet content in a variety of different ways.

QR codes can help save trees, making marketing and conferences more sustainable. One huge way we can help save trees and perhaps our own backs by not having to lug heavy bags around is to have QR codes for marketing materials, rather than printing off thousands of brochures, have attendees scan a code and bookmark your app or webpage for future reference.

Read more on QR codes on the Nokia official blog.

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