Saturday, July 16, 2011

To website or not to website - it is no longer a question.

Starbucks, in one month, had 1.8 million website visitors vs. 21.1 million likes on Facebook. It was 270,000 visitors vs. 20.5 million likes for Coca-Cola. For Oreo, 290,000 vs. 10.1 million.

The objective of a brand's online presence is to connect seamlessly with the it's potential and existing consumers and to do so on a plank which is convenient to them. The above stats point to a simple truth.

The questions in a brand managers mind should be "to do" or "not to do", but rather "how to do".

Consumers spend a lot of time online - not really searching for brands, but rather indulging in whatever they are passionate about. They do so by conversing with their friends who probably have similar passions. Those conversations is where brands and products get discussed. The brand has to find its way into these conversations and should start by not trying to pull people way from their conversation platforms - but rather making itself relevant on those platforms.

AaramShop's social media integration has won a lot of praise and we are thrilled about it, however, what we did was rather simple - we just took our hybrid retail platform and integrated it into our Facebook page and also created an app for Facebook which allows a consumer to shop for groceries while still in conversation with his/her social network.

Oh by the way, you don't need to "like" us to use the page :-)

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