Friday, July 15, 2011

When Worlds Collide

Integration must be seamless with online and offline experiences.

The current pace of innovation is hard to keep up with for the marketer, the retailer, as well as the consumer. Largely fueled and propelled by technology, innovation is now commonplace, expected, cost-of-entry, taken-for-granted, table-stakes and, oftentimes, not differentiating for brands.

We ask ourselves as marketers, what purpose (if any) does innovation most serve today? Where can it provide the most value and growth potential for a business? Beyond manufactured news by brands, how do we harness and leverage the true power and potential of innovation?

The answer may be revealed in the point-of-view expressed by Michael Schrage of M.I.T., who has researched, observed, and written on innovation for decades: “Innovation is not what innovators do; it is what consumers adopt.” This insight is truer today than ever. Consumer-centric innovation is fundamental to evolving brands and how they successfully and productively engage with consumers. Said another way, how consumers experience and interact with brands is what matters most in identifying relevant innovation.

@ AaramShop we believe we address this challenge in an innovative manner for CPG / FMCG brands. By enabling e-commerce of independent neighborhood retailers to be embedded within the online sales efforts by brands - AaramShop can enable the seamless integration of the online (also ZMOT & the 1stMOT) with the offline stores and their ability to deliver CPG / FMCG brands to a customers doorstep.

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