Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Why Do Consumers Visit CPG Web Sites?

Image representing Facebook as depicted in Cru...I
"While consumers consider web sites to be the place to go for information about a brand and promotional offers, they find Facebook to be the ideal platform for voicing their opinions and connecting with other customers," says Ipsos in its own analysis of the survey findings.

That's borne out in the responses when the survey asked people why they go to various kinds of online brand venues. When the purpose is to "obtain information about the brand," 74 percent said they go to the brand's Web site, 34 percent to its Facebook page and 28 percent to its Twitter page. The numbers were nearly identical when it comes to getting coupons or promotional offers.

But it's quite different when consumer want to "share opinions/experiences" regarding a CPG brand. When this is their purpose, 57 percent use the brand's Facebook page, 50 percent its Web site and 38 percent its Twitter page.

Likewise, when they want to "connect with other customers," 54 percent use the Facebook page, 48 percent the brand Web site and 35 percent the Twitter page.

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