Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Can An Agency Help You Get 'Ahead Of The Curve'?

According to a recent study by the Horn Group and Kelton Research—“The CMO Challenge: Making Integrated Digital Communications” –the use of agencies by CMOs is becoming more important than ever. Marketing executives are looking to agencies to act as strategic partners who will challenge them, while providing streamlined services. But according to the report, CMOs have become much pickier when choosing an agency these days, and they expect high-quality work and crackerjack execution.

Part of the reason for this is also covered in the report in a section called, “Not Up To Speed”: “Making matters worse is that many of today’s businesses feel painfully behind the times with the most important kinds of integration. More than two-thirds (68%) feel their companies are behind the curve in digital/interactive media integration, while another 71 percent have not caught up to social media integration.”

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