Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Convenience gives digital the upper hand

The running theme through this year’s top performers of the Promise Index is offering customers the ultimate in making their lives easier, be it achieved through technology, product innovation and value-for-money service.

Consumers are all for an easy life. So it is no surprise that brands offering the height of convenience through technological innovation top this year’s Promise Index, shown exclusively to Marketing Week. Online companies Google, Amazon and PayPal head the list of businesses which consumers believe offer a customer experience on a par with its brand image.

Each year, the Promise Index asks more than 1000 consumers to rate 250 brands out of 10 on two metrics: the ’image’ projected by a brand and the actual ’experience’ it offers customers. The companies achieving the best averaged scores have a solid brand image that is accompanied by an experience that over delivers on expectations.

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