Thursday, August 4, 2011

CPG / FMCG E-Commerce is bigger than you think.

Following are US centric stats as reported by ListenLogic:

If you were to take a guess at what percentage of online shoppers purchased personal care or food items online, what you would say? 10%? 15%? Maybe even 25% if you’re brave? The correct answer is 49% and 40% respectively. Not only is that number a little shocking, but to put it in perspective, Personal care products at 49% are the same as electronics. Music was only referenced being purchased by 37% of consumers. See all the stats over at DigitalCPG.

While online CPG sales still only make up a small portion of the overall CPG industry sales, since 2009 e-commerce CPG has been doubling in size and shows no signs of slowing down. With this increased consumption through e-commerce comes increased opportunity for brands to better understand shopping habits. Online, connected buyers are more likely to share their experiences with their friends and leave reviews. This means that manufacturers as well as retailers/e-tailers have a new world of data to leverage and inform market research and consumer insights.

To find out more about how social media can inform market research & consumer insights, check out ListenLogic’s free White Paper – Understanding the the Involved Consumer

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