Saturday, August 6, 2011

Enhance your Brand's page with Onsite.

Based on the number of requests that we have received, here's a note on enhancing / integrating your page with FB Onsite

Facebook OnSite leverages credible friend-to-friend recommendations and integrates the world’s largest social network directly on your product page. Only PowerReviews offers a Facebook solution that allows for an open flow of data and user-generated content between Facebook and your product page, creating on-site community powered by the open graph. Facebook OnSite broadcasts customer reviews to Facebook Profiles, Fan Pages, and Newsfeeds, builds your fan base, improves your on-site user experience, and drives more traffic back to your site.


  • Improve on-site user experience with Facebook-enhanced reviews, reviewer profiles, commenting, and Like functionality
  • Increase interaction with your brand across Facebook, where your customers are already actively participating and maintaining comprehensive profile data
  • Drive more Facebook referral traffic to your site and encourage new customers with trusted endorsements from Facebook friends
  • Boost number of Facebook Fans with an integrated brand Like Box within the review submission process
  • Launch quickly with an easy deployment plan that will have you live with minimal development work (CSS-styling only)

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