Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Meeting The Challenges of a Changing Marketplace -the emotionally driven consumer.

Consumers today are becoming much more emotionally driven in their behaviors. Consumers are finding themselves “depleted” in a number of ways, they have a lack of time, energy, or the financial resources to cope with this ever changing world. According to psychologists, the more depleted the consumer, the more irrational (emotional) they become. This depletion affects how consumers purchase and use products, relying more and more on habitual behaviors – driven more by emotions than rational thought.

The CPG industry is finding that traditional approaches to innovation are too slow and inflexible to respond to these marketplace dynamics. Whole industries are in the early process of changing how they innovate in response to changing markets. They are becoming to understand the need to become more social driven, to see the building of corporate trust as a critical goal.

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