Thursday, August 25, 2011

Mobile Social Commerce

As per the recent report released by 360i (attached at the bottom of this post), most forms of mobile social commerce fit into the seven categories below:

1) Reviews - been around for ever.

2) Check-ins - think Foursquare and Places.

3) Daily Deals - not to social though.

4) Q&A - local info.

5) Style Feedback

6) Shopping Feedback

7) Collecting Info.

Consider these seven collectively as a starting point. Mobile social commerce is bound to evolve. In time, it will be possible to make purchases directly through social networks' mobile sites and applications. It will be possible to receive better deals if you share them with friends who are in close proximity to certain retail locations. It will be possible to use near field communication (NFC) to share purchasing activity as soon as transactions are completed. All of this will lead to more literal and tangible versions of mobile social commerce, if it turns out that's how consumers want to shop. There's no need to wait, though, given all of the opportunities marketers have to use mobile social media to impact purchasing behavior today.

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