Wednesday, August 31, 2011

A new look at digital grocery shopping tools.

Following is a superb article from Brick Meets Click.

""When the first wave of online grocery shopping passed through the marketplace in 2000, my colleagues and I had in-depth conversations with several heavy users of the then-new tools. The things we learned contradicted some commonly held beliefs.

  • These online shoppers weren’t spending less time shopping. They were actually spending more time, but they were shifting those hours to times of day that were more convenient for them, 9:30 pm for example, or 11:30 am weekdays.
  • Their primary frustration with grocery shopping was that they didn’t have time to do it as well as they wanted to – they had a strong desire to get not just what was needed by others in the household, but what was wanted.
  • This frustration wasn’t just a minor issue, either; it came from the feeling that they were not being as loving and caring as they wanted to be.
  • They received real emotional satisfaction when they found the time necessary to make what they felt were the best choices for their family.
Fast forward to 2011 and a new generation of grocery shopping technology. It’s time to take another in-depth look at how shoppers thinking about and using these tools. Read more of this post on Brick & Click

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