Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Retailer eCommerce Study

Shopatron has completed its 2011 Retailer eCommerce Study and, once again, the results show that retail-integrated eCommerce is boosting sales for both brands and retailers. The survey, answered by almost 1,000 Shopatron retail partners, gives insight into how eCommerce affects a consumer brands' online and in-store sales. And with over 90% of most brands' sales happening in retail stores, branded manufacturers considering direct-to-consumer eCommerce should take heed.

The survey results clearly demonstrate that retail-integrated eCommerce impacts how much brands sell online and through their retail partners. 46% of retailers said they buy more from brands that send them orders generated online. And another 36% of retailers confirmed that they sell more of a brand in-store when they bump up stocking to fulfill those online orders.

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