Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Value@Home Vouchers-A unique marketing opportunity for FMCG/CPG brands

With AaramShop introducing its direct to home marketing initiative through a voucher initiative, FMCG marketers can now leverage a potent way of reaching the potential audience of their brands. It cuts through the clutter of screaming at audiences- typically all conventional “buy-me,” “try-me” campaigns that stake-holders get themselves busy with. In other words the “value @ hone” voucher initiative provides the brand a perfect opportunity to communicate to a community, households that get addressed by AaramShops either online or offline. The messaging or the marketing objective for a brand could either be awareness of a brand (may be a new variant or so) or it could be about a trade promotion or a current offer that is running in the market. It could also be focused at generating trials or sampling tool to drive more foot fall at the outlet.

The modes operand i-

These vouchers will be bundled up in the form of a book-let(not any different than a typical cheque book) and sent to consumers at the beginning of every month. Consumers can then redeem these vouchers online, while buying their daily essentials or grocery through www.aaramshop.com , or physically visiting the nearest AaramShop neighborhood outlet and redeeming it offline.

The distribution of these brand vouchers will be done in the following manner:

· D 1.Direct mailing to consumers who are registered with www.aaramshop.com as consumers

2.Thru-channel distribution. Here, a designated AaramShop undertakes the responsibility of distributing these voucher booklets to the entire daily footfall that happens in his shop plus the home delivery that he caters to either by way of AaramShop orders or via telephone orders

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