Tuesday, August 9, 2011

What can A Brand do to counter private label.

Here is a excellent report by ATKearney called A-Brand Shelf Space Under Attack, which looking at how CPG / FMCG companies can defend against private labels and fresh/convenience foods.

The rise of private labels and healthy, fresh and convenience foods is changing the consumer packaged goods industry. As these products pilfer shelf space from A-brands, more CPG companies are preparing to defend their territory using four strategies—fighting head-on, dominating a category, moving into fresh/convenience foods or going multi-channel. Winners in this war on shelf space will be those that choose the right mix of these.

While you can read more about A-Brand Shelf space Under Attack here, you should also be aware that AaramShop does not list any private labels on it's network (online or through it's network of independent neighborhood retailers). AaramShop also does not list open commodities, and therefore it is one of the ideal eco-systems for the consumers to engage with brands and vice versa.

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