Wednesday, September 7, 2011

CPG Companies Increasingly Rely On Shopper Marketing

The shopper research firm GfK Interscope has released its 2011 Futurescope survey of  consumer packaged goods and retailers, with the results showing more and more see in-store marketing as critical to their bottom lines.

Ninety-five percent of the 300 people who did the survey this spring said they’re actively engaged in shopper marketing, with more than 80% saying the emerging discipline is vital to their company’s success.

Two years ago, 56% of the people asked said they were putting at least 5% of their marketing budgets into shopper marketing. Now the number is 75% putting at least 5% in.

Along the way, there is a “dizzying array of shopper touch points” from online, mail, in-store and word-of-mouth.”

“All of the touch points are impacting that shopper throughout the day — pre-shop and post-shop — and you need to think about these not as consumer touch points, but shopper touch points.”

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