Monday, September 19, 2011

CPG Media Buyers Ready for Online Grocery Shopping to Boom

A little old but a relevant read from Clickz

Part of being a successful media buyer is remaining ahead of market trends. Typically, a shift in consumer behavior requires a shift in media strategy. Well, here's some good news for buyers and planners with consumer packaged goods (CPG) clients: we're on the cusp of a major behavioral shift, but research suggests you're probably already optimized for it.

There's no question that the online shopping industry has had a few false starts (you may recall that it was the upcoming trend more than 10 years ago), but signs suggest that a tipping point is close at hand. In fact, it's difficult to imagine why more of us haven't already traded in our reusable grocery bags for, Door to Door Organics, or one of dozens of others. In addition to being a "green choice" by reducing one's carbon footprint, grocery shopping online can be convenient, cost-effective, and save time.

Whether they realize it yet or not, this may be just what consumers are looking for. Nielsen says that 38 percent of American grocery shoppers consider it a chore, and about 30 percent of grocery items are purchased on a deal. Market research firm Synovate found a similar mentality in the consumers it surveyed for its global study on grocery shopping; 60 percent of grocery shoppers across 10 markets would "go out of their way to shop green," while 36 percent just want to "get in and get out." And although just 1 percent of global consumers surveyed already buy their groceries online, 42 percent said they would do so if they could be assured of a high level of security and a high quality of food.

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