Monday, September 19, 2011

Do mobile apps reflect local trends?

Are people living in Mumbai more interested in finance than those living in other cities? Are south Indians more fond of mobile gaming? Or are people in the North-East more inclined towards education? Their usage of mobile phone apps certainly seem to suggest so.

According to a survey conducted by Nokia, 16% of those surveyed in west download finance apps (the highest of any region), 23% south Indians mostly use gaming apps (again, higher than any other region) and 29% of people from the North-East download educational apps. Nearly 30% of south Indians surveyed use the apps on their smartphone during commutes, while 32% use them at home. Over 40% of those surveyed in the North download music apps-more than in any other Indian region. Around 25% of people in the North-East use almost all the apps they download on their smartphone, while their neighbors in the east, are the highest users of social networking apps (39%). The survey was conducted on 501 Indians last November.

Mobile usage in marketing of brands is on the rise and marketers need to re-evaluate their marketing strategies to bring about a larger play of mobile applications.

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