Sunday, September 18, 2011

Kirana Stores: Difficult to Defy

A typical mom & pop store in a Delhi neighborhood
You woke up late in the morning, realizing you are getting late for your work and incidentally you are running short of shampoo or a soap or anything that you can’t do without. What would you do? Most probably, you’re going to rush to your local Kirana shop (traditional trade / mom & pop store in India) and get the issue fixed up. This ‘quick-fix’ is probably what aids kirana stores in winning over their organized counterparts, as has been revealed by an Assocham Study. 

The findings According to a recent survey done under the aegis of Assocham Social Development Foundation, it was found that shoppers in India prefer their local Kirana shops over malls. A country-wide survey that was conducted in 15 major cities along with the metros and was completed in a span of two-months ( March-April 2010) revealed that it is a myth that retail outlets at malls and shopping complexes store quality products as, Kirana shops too offer quality products that too for a negotiable price. 

The survey of the apex chambers suggests that the shoppers love to hangout and shop from their local traditional stores, more so because of the familiarity with ambiance, ease of access, variety of goods, early opening and late closing times etc., which suit to the local residents. 

AaramShop leverages the strengths of the Kirana Stores / independent neighborhood retailers and enables them to have a free & commerce ready online store front to engage with the busy consumer of the day.


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