Saturday, September 17, 2011

Multichannel Analytics- Tracking Online Impact Of Offline Campaigns

Here is a superb post by Avinash Kaushik that addresses the issue of multi-channel analytics ... read on.

""Admit it, you secretly live in the fear of your Senior Management finding out that your online greatness is less a result of your online campaigns and more a result of the tons and tons your company has invested in the real world.

The real world. "Offline" to you and me. :)

We tend to often overlook the pesky offline real world. Sooooo booorrring ! (Say that with a Paris Hilton'ish brush off. :) I think most of it is not malicious.

For one thing it is really hard to measure. For another thing your "online" presence is probably three geeks (says the proud geek!) living in Seattle and your "offline" presence is 15,786 people in the company with power concentrated in New York and Atlanta. Hard to coordinate and get "them" to listen to us and pay attention to us.

But the world is not online or offline, it is nonline (hat tip to David Hughes for that magnificent term). One of these day everyone will get that.

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