Sunday, September 18, 2011

What CPG / FMCG Marketers Should Know About Integrating Video And SMM

I came across a banner ad today for "gum that tastes just like strawberry shortcake." Who wouldn't want that? So, with expectations high, I clicked, expecting to be taken to a colorful page bursting with strawberry shortcake excitement, maybe videos and ways to share my delicious-looking new find with my friends. Instead, I was whisked away to a home page that showed me posed, stock-looking photos with people holding other things made by that company. If I click on them, I am promised, I can learn things like how their brands are "woven into the fabric of everyday life." I don't want to know that. I want to know more about that amazing strawberry shortcake gum I clicked on! 

Eagerly, I scan the rest of the page and find that I can put custom photos on a pack of gum -- or I can learn more about their new blah-blahTM packaging that saves the planet through environmentally responsible sustainability practices. Ugh. Sigh. Where's the gum I clicked on? Oh, there it is -- at the bottom, in the slider right next to "Careers."

So I click. There it is! A photo that looks like the photo in the banner ad! But instead of taking my online experience to the next level, I'm offered a history of the brand, complete with a timeline dating back to 1984. I think we're going backwards. A bright social media light! I see a Facebook icon and, curiously, an iTunes icon. Ominously, the text reads "Join Us."

Read more of David Murdico's insightful article here on how and why CPG / FMCG brands need to leverage videos within their social media marketing strategies.

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