Wednesday, October 26, 2011

6x is the "web-influenced sales" of the actual online sales.

Web influenced sales - are sales in local stores that are generated through online marketing and research. As per Forrester Research and as shown in the trend forecast above, the web influenced sales is about 6 times the actual purchase online and the combined impact is about 50% of total retail sales. 

This report further collaborates the ZMOT research conducted by Google across industry, which refers to the online research (which Google refers to as the Zero Moment of Truth), that the consumer undertakes prior to the FMOT (First Moment of Truth) when the consumer actually picks up the product in the store. 

These cross-channel shoppers illustrate the importance of online-influenced sales. To effectively capture and manage these cross-channel shoppers, brands should dedicate a portion of their web strategies to tactics that include lead capture, interactive help, and cross-channel application completion.

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