Monday, October 24, 2011

Differences between Female & Male Shoppers

Female and Male online buying behaviour is being studied the world over by organisations to make their sales & merchandising efforts more effective.

AaramShop's first State of Online Grocery Shopping (SOGS) Report: India, came across some interesting differences in the buying behaviour of female and males, when they shop for groceries and daily essentials online.

It has been observed that males seem to be more inclined to shop for groceries online, with women contributing to only 37% of the buyers. However, in terms of spending, female shoppers come out on the top. So, while females form a lower percentage of overall buyers, they are the larger spenders online.

Further, it is interesting to note that for both the sexes, people from 22 to 45 years of age constitute over 85% of the online grocery buyers. So online grocery buying does not seem to be a “youth” activity.

The difference between male and female buying behaviour also reflects from the range of age of people buying most online. So for women, it is the 36 to 45 year olds who contribute the largest buyer segment; while within the men, it is the 22 to 35 year olds.

According to an article in InternetRetailing, the research agency Shoppercentric has recently come up with a study that found that 54% of men browse online, compared to 47% of women, spending, on average between 30 minutes online - the same length of time as women. Shoppercentric research suggests that male of the species is often overlooked but a key market for retailers.

n that time they are likely to visit between one and five sites (84% of men and women), and they rate price as the most important factor in where they shop (53%), followed by product choice (15%) and quality (14%) of products. Only 4% of men said they never shop online, compared to 6% of women.

Men have a very different way of shopping, according to the report, which draws on online discussions with 40 men and quantitative interviews with 1,001 UK adults. It found that 49% of men prefer to shop only when they know what they’re going to buy (38% for women), with 49% also saying that shopping is about getting in and out quickly (32% of women). They dislike overcrowding or long queues, and 20% visit local independent stores once a week, compared to 19% of women.

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