Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The easy grocery.

One of the most interesting sectors of the retail market today is the grocery segment, and even in the grocery segment it is online grocery or e-grocer which is most profitable. E-kirana have come about to be known as servicing the neighbourhood with groceries being delivered to your home on a phone call. Growing interest of consumers to click and point their way through nearly all aspects of daily life has fueled the internet economy and has impelled the development of online services and selling of products online even in areas that were once the sole preserve of traditional businesses, such as grocery stores. 

“In India we already have the neighbourhood kirana stores that are close to the consumer, stock all the grocery products that a consumer needs, and are already providing home delivery to their consumers, so, we thought that the way ahead for us should be a hybrid e-commerce model whereupon we are leveraging the existing presence of neighbourhood retailers for delivery,” says Ashutosh Malik, Director & COO,

Some of the reasons why increasing numbers of consumers are likely to turn to online grocery are the same as those driving other internet purchases; better prices, larger selection, convenience, and time savings. Home delivery of items purchased online is appealing to those for whom going out to shop is difficult for various reasons, such as paucity of time, the need to care for young children, the lack of adequate or convenient transportation or busy lifestyle. The top 5 categories in the daily-consumed goods make up 54.98% of the total value of products ordered online according to sources.

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Rosenrose said...

Online grocery delivery is the shopping experience of the future. With a few clicks of a button, one will receive their desired groceries at their door in the matter
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Grocery is, after all, one of the most essential needs of a human being. Attractive prices, super quick delivery, an efficient and professional service is sure going to make online grocery shopping one of the best services ever!

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