Saturday, October 29, 2011

How consumer get influenced by reviews and recommendations.

We all know that we get influenced by the 3 R’s that people publish on the Social Web: reviews, recommendations and ratings. Now, there is some more proof with the study “2011 Cone Online Influence Trend Tracker” by Cone Communications. 

Positive and negative information found on the Social Web have the same massive impact on how people change their minds after having received purchase recommendations. 

The study shows that more than 80% of users change their minds after reading reviews whether positive or negative. Interesting to note that the earlier studies done prior to the domination of social media on life, when predominantly it was the last mile in the store which use have an impact on brand swings - it was said that 70% of the brand decisions where made in the last mile.

The 2011 Cone Online Influence Trend Tracker states that positive reviews confirm the process of consumer decision making. 87% of the respondents agreed that a favorable review confirmed their decision to purchase. While a negative recommendation can also turn down a recommended purchase. 

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