Sunday, October 30, 2011

Shopkick, CPG Power Brands Sign First Check-in Partnership With Grocery Chain

Shopkick, the mobile rewards check-in app that allows registered users to earn points for simply walking through a retailer’s doors or scanning bar codes, has signed its first deal to reward shoppers for actually buying selected CPG products at a grocery chain.

The partnership with the Giant Eagle Supermarket chain will let Eagle customers who belong to Eagle’s loyalty card program input their account number to get started. After that, every time they enter one of Eagle’s 228 stores, they will receive a notice that purchase-based rewards, or “Kickbuys”, are available in that store, and can see a list of the products in the offer. If they buy any of those products, their Shopkick account will then be credited with a specified number of “Kickbucks”. 

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