Thursday, November 24, 2011

The 5 LEVERS strategy of Unilevers

The five "levers" are a set of principles based on Unilever's previous research and insights into consumer behaviour, which the company hopes will "increase the likelihood of having an effective and lasting impact" through a series of "interventions" in consumer behaviour.

Unilever's 'Five levers for change' are:

  1. Make it understood – Sometimes people don't know about a behaviour and why they should do it. This lever raises awareness and encourages acceptance.
  2. Make it easy – People are likely to take action if it's easy, but not if it requires extra effort. This lever establishes convenience and confidence.
  3. Make it desirable –The new behaviour needs to fit with how people like to think of themselves, and how they like others to think of them. This lever is about self and society.
  4. Make it rewarding – New behaviours need to articulate the tangible benefits that people care about. This lever demonstrates the proof and payoff.
  5. Make it a habit – Once consumers have changed, it is important to create a strategy to help hold the behaviour in place over time. This lever is about reinforcing and reminding.

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